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Yin and Yang Yoga and Meditation


February 2017

The mirror technique


Learn to hold a virtual mirror up and reflect back when someone tries to put their issues on you 🙂


Yoga for health and happiness

What a fantastic 7 days, fun with the family, a full house for my Saturday yoga class with Karl Harrison, Lisa Billington and Samantha Natalie Harrison too. Then moving my Sunday night ‘Yoga for Runners’ class to Inhale Yoga Studio. And then covering Hayley Hendersons ‘Yoga for Golfers’ class and 2 Barre Yoga classes at Hale Country Club

I wish I was still enjoying my Sundowners!


It was a truly awesome holiday sailing for 2 weeks on a great catamaran in St Vincents and The Grenadines and enjoying a sundowner drink every evening with stunning views like this. Visiting many different islands including Mustique for the Blues Festival at Basils Bar.

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