Carolyn’s bringing Yoga Bootcamp down to The Farm thanks to Nicky Paddon!  Sundays at 5pm after you have done ‘your sport’ on Saturday or Sunday morning.

What’s Yoga Bootcamp I hear you ask? Well it’s yoga for those people that think yoga is not for them – yes you, all my sporty friends that think they are ‘super fit’ doing their running, squash, tennis, circuit training, rugby etc etc

Wrong – yoga is for everyone and EVERYONE benefits from yoga, especially you sporty people who have overused calves and hamstrings and tight hips and shoulders. And all of us that spend a big part of our lives bent over our computers and mobile devices and now have stiff necks, shoulders and wrists.

And Yoga Bootcamp is down at the farm – in a great barn at Ashley Hall Farm just outside Hale. Anyway come and give it a try, you may just enjoy it! Click here for google map to the farm. It is really easy to find. If you are coming out of Hale, towards Ashley, past the end of BankHall Lane on your left, take the bridge over the Bollin. and just as the road bends sharply to the left to climb for bridge over railway, take the lane to the right as if you are going straight on, past the gatehouse keep going down the lane and you will see the car park on your right.

Contact me on 07815 119538 or to book in to the yoga Bootcamp.