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Carolyn has been active all her life taking dance classes from an early age, playing and participating in various sports and gym activities. She also started practicing yoga, trying all different styles for a number of years finding it an antidote for today’s fast paced living and an aid to better concentration.

After a number of years trying different styles, Carolyn decided to take her practice further, undertaking a teacher training qualification (Yoga Alliance UK and USA) with Simon Low and Eija Tervonen of The Yoga Academy. She did this to deepen her understanding of the core principles of yoga and to ensure that any teaching she undertakes is anatomically sound and beneficial.

Yoga Classes 

Yin and Yang – Saturday 9.30am, beginners welcome
Hale Yoga Studio, behind RBS Hale

The perfect balance of an energising dynamic asana practice (Yang) that is both safe and fun, promoting strength and flexibility. Coupled with the more restorative, healing Yin Yoga that targets the connective tissues, such as the fascia, ligaments, bones, and even the joints of the body that are not normally exercised very much, even more important as our lives have become more sedentary.

 Yoga for Runners and Sports folk – 7pm Sunday evenings
Inhale Yoga Studio, First Floor, Progress House
17 Cecil Road 

I was asked by a good friend to set up a Yoga for runners as she and her friends are training hard currently for various events and the repetitive movement takes its toll on the body. I have also spoken to a number of others who play a lot of racket sports, again with overuse of certain muscles and joints. Therefore it makes sense to have a class catering for your needs and yes including the guys who invariably have tight calves and ham strings!
It would be great if you want to come and give it a try but please do confirm as there is limited space. All abilities welcome.

Yoga is an excellent cross-training activity that promotes strength building, improves flexibility, and aids in recovery after a sporting event. A balanced yoga routine will loosen tight spots, strengthen weak spots, and make you a better, less injury-prone athlete. But not interested in the ‘nice yoga studio’ environment? Well come on down to Yoga Bootcamp that we do in a barn – it’s great fun, why not come and give it a try. More info.

One-to-One Yoga or Private Sessions

If you can’t make these times and would like to see if ‘yoga is for you’ 🙂 – please contact me to discuss and arrange an alternative. I also provide bespoke one-to-one and small group yoga sessions in your home or in a local studio and a gym.

Whatever age, experience or type of body the benefits both physically and mentally are enormous. Come enrich and energise your life.