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I wish I was still enjoying my Sundowners!


It was a truly awesome holiday sailing for 2 weeks on a great catamaran in St Vincents and The Grenadines and enjoying a sundowner drink every evening with stunning views like this. Visiting many different islands including Mustique for the Blues Festival at Basils Bar.

Classes running through the summer


I can’t promise that you will fall asleep at the end of my yoga classes in Hale, Cheshire, but you will certainly leave feeling both energised and relaxed. Classes are 9.30am Saturday mornings and 7pm Sunday evenings at Hale Yoga Studio. I also do private classes and some Yin cover classes at Hale Country Club.

Contact me to book in or 07815 119538.

Hurry up summer!

Chiiling in the garden

So we can go back to doing yoga classes in my garden. It was only a few weeks ago that we were able to do a class in the garden instead of inside. We all loved it and want to do it again – so come back sun please!

Lazy Sunday afternoon

Garden tree

Belief and determination pays off

Well we got off to a flying start with everyone really getting stuck in to loosening their neck, shoulders and hips and then ‘The Handstand’ some had not done one since they were 12 years old 😉

It is such a beneficial posture for the whole body and we are all capable of doing one with a little assistance.


We rounded off with ‘banana’ pose a lot more difficult than it looks but a delicious way to stretch the whole side of the body. It is a great stretch for  oblique stomach muscles and the side intercostal muscles between the ribs and importantly the IT band, which for many of us is tight.

The Farm is ready for you

Well it looks like a number of you are rising to the challenge to come and try yoga. Great news, and the weather is looking ok for our first session, however still bring an extra warm layer so you can chill out at the end. The location is fab and I can’t wait to introduce you to Nicky’s great barn for those of you that have not been before. Need directions let me know and for those of you yet to confirm please let me know asap. Thanks yogis 🙂

Yes – Yoga Bootcamp

You heard right! Yoga for those that think ‘yoga is not for me’!!

Come and give it a go starting next Sunday at 5pm a free taster session down at the farm. So no cosy yoga studio for this session, but a fantastic barn with a great springy floor and lots of space to really stretch that body.

So calling all you runners, athletes, sporty people – come and see for yourself how yoga can assist in your sports. More details

Tonights class

Sporty people or sleeping mermaids

Tonights class – Are these sporty people or ‘Sleeping Mermaids’?? 😉 This is one of my favourite yin poses. Having already opened up their hips and shoulders this effective but safe twist really helps release tension and trapped energy we hold in our backs and necks.

A great way to end a busy weekend, a guaranteed way to ensure a good nights sleep and to make the most of the bank holiday tomorrow, waking up energised and raring to go.

Sign the petition to keep Park Runs free!

One of the biggest successes of recent years is the Park Run – encouraging thousands of folks to get their trainers on and run in local parks, young and old, novices and experienced altogether to get fit and healthier. And now the whole spirit of the initiative is being undermined as Stoke Gifford want to charge everyone to compete! Please add your name to the petition.


Margaret and Gordon Mcr Marathon

Margaret, Gordon and Bryan all did really well in the Manchester Marathon last Sunday on a lovely spring sunny day. They all came to yoga that evening to make sure those tired muscles  were stretched and benefited from some yin postures to ease the strain. All have since reported back that they didn’t have the usual ‘day after stiffness’! A great advert for yin and yang yoga. Thanks for the publicity guys :-). See you this week Gordon and have a great birthday/ training week/holiday in Spain Margaret and Bryan. Don’t forget to stretch out those feet and hamstrings.

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